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It’s all about me…

I am a London-based graphic designer, educated internationally with South African and European roots.
I have worked with clients across a variety of sectors as a multi- disciplined designer in London, Paris, Finland, United States and South Africa. With skills including branding, marketing, print, illustration and digital, my thought-provoking work delivers a clear and relevant result, regardless of scale or budget.
With over 10 years of experience in this industry, I understand the process of planning and execution from pixels to print. Whether it’s basic HTML front end design or complex flash enhanced graphics and game play, I pride myself on producing agency quality solutions.

When designing for iPhone, GUI or websites, I understand and produce well executed site schematics that present visually pleasing aesthetics across all disciplines.

My conceptual ideas are strong and I play an integral part in any team. I deliver on time and to the briefs requirements, often with award status. My career is about achieving the highest calibre of work, whether its winning awards or designing pro bono.

I aspire to create something new everyday. Travelling, fashion, print-making, digital collage, photography, drawing, painting and screen printing are all among my personal interests.

Recent clients: Adidas, Always, Bushmills, B&H, BT, Energy saving trust, HS&P, Generation Green, British Gas, Honda, Kinky Afro, We Sing Nintendo, Nicorette, Nordic games, Mercedes, Wired productions and Wyborowa.

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